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  • Copytrading
    on autopilot

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    just 500$

  • Only experienced
    traders to copy

  • Easy to deposit and
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How it works

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Verified trading

We've ensured that all traders you're copying on Hashmarketpro.Trade app meet our eligibility criteria. Traders; performance and statistics are verified, and you get in-app proof trades you're copying right at your fingertips.

Tiger.Trade is regulated by the Swiss law and llicensed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority
Easy to deposit
and withdraw
Manage your money in a snap: it takes only a few taps to deposit and withdraw funds in the Tiger.Trade app
Professional Traders

We select all experts for their profitability and key performance metrics. Pick different traders based on their risk level and expected returns.

  • Annual yield
    ≈ 20%
  • High-liquidity
  • Trading volume
    ≈ $10M/mo.
A profile for
every Trader

The numbers speak for themselves. Everything you need to know about a trader's portfolio on one page.

  • Portfolio
  • Your Trader's
    social profiles
  • Statistics and
    trading history
filters and sorting

Find the right trader for you. Based on your budget, experience and needs, you can effortlessly build your perfect portfolio.

  • Quick filters
  • Sort by key parameters
  • Bookmark your favorite experts
Eleanor Pena 25/mo · from $100
+ 1.52% vol $ 89,259.44
Wade Warren 10% of portfolio
+ 15.88%vol $ 2,259.44
Jerome Bell 64% of portfolio
+ 1.52% vol $ 2,259.44
Ralph Edwards 18% of portfolio
+ 123.4% vol $6,032,100
About Hashmarketpro

We create services for professional traders and retail investors

  • 2015
    Company founded
  • 160+
    Team members
  • 180K+
    Users chose Hashmarketpro products
Start Copytrading Now


  • Copytrading is a type of “social trading” that allows less experienced traders to copy the activities of an expert, usually by paid subscription.

    Copytrading has completely automated the process. Users don’t have to find the signals from experts manually. Instead, they link their accounts to the copytrading platform, and it does all the work. All trading activity happens in real-time within the designated budget, users only have to monitor their copytrading portfolio!

  • Hashmarketpro features two types of Traders: verified and unverified.

    Verified traders feature a special 'star' icon next to their profile. All our verified Traders are chosen by the Hashmarketpro team based on their trading history and performance:

    Criteria for verified Traders

    • ≈ 6 months of trading history
    • trades high-liquidity pairs
    • ≈ 20%+ average annual profit
    • no Scalping or HFT

    Unverified traders are also required to meet the eligibility criteria:

    • proven trading history
    • no scalping or HFT

    We constantly monitor our traders to ensure the best experience for all our subscribers.

    You can tap any of the Traders to view their detailed trading statistics and social profiles to help you finalize your choice.

    1. Create an account
    2. Add funds to your Wallet using a bank card or a wallet
    3. Go to Traders profile at the sidebar select trader you will like to copy and click Copy trader

    All done! Now, you're copying a trader on autopilot.

  • These are the high demanded assets, which can be easily exchanged and sold at any time.

    Our experts only trade on the most reputable exchanges. It ensures your Hashmarketpro portfolio is free from untrustworthy assets , low-liquidity pairs, and other questionable or high-risk financial instruments. You can easily monetize and convert your copytrading profits to various fiat currencies through the exchange.

  • Hashmarketpro is a Swiss-regulated company, which means all of our products, including Hashmarketpro Copy, are compliant with the applicable Swiss safety protocols and financial regulations. Tiger Trade Capital AG received a financial intermediary license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority in May 2022.